Hard knock life and emotional techno.

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Having music as a cornerstone in his life since birth, taking the leap into becoming a DJ was a natural step for this now 28-year old from Stockholm, Sweden. His love for electronic music began with listening to the likes of The Prodigy and Daft Punk and when he was of the right age he could finally experience the rich club scene in Stockholm. Seeing different great DJs doing their thing all over town planted a seed in the back of this young music lovers mind. That seed eventually developed into a growing DJ-plant and one day he decided to gear up with some DJ equipment at his parents' house. He started to learn the craft of DJing himself at home and house was the genre booming from the sound system.

Finally, in 2008 he decided to start making mixes at home and one of these mixes lead to NGS being booked to the popular club "Vardagsrummet" in Stockholm. This break lead to that NGS was given the opportunity to play at several venues in and outside of Stockholm.

Bored of house music, he switched and started to associate himself with the more sofisticated techno scene. Nowadays you can catch him occasionally on radio4by4, or out there, where it's dark and gloomy, where you can hear the finest techno there is. This talented DJ is always hungry and ready for what the future holds in store. Armed with a case full of minimal and funky techno, you can expect to hear this mad man at an underground venue near you soon.